When Flexibility Meets a Horse

If I wrote the title correctly, you will be reading this to find out if I found an acrobatic horse or a zebra that does contortions. I will have to disappoint you on both measures unless you really like the color white.

In the house we now have, one room is designated to be the study room to help facilitate homeschooling. We were looking at options on how to build it out for the kids but still keep future use in mind as they will grow up and move out someday. Adjustable shelving is still in on the short wall between the area where the desks would be. But do you do built in desks? What do you do?

Well, what a person does is be patient and have a flexible plan. Someone we know had two desks that were almost the same but no longer wanted them. Their kids just didn’t want to use them. The parents didn’t want the furniture sitting around. Their availability was brought to our attention and we weren’t going to say no.

As you can see in these two pictures, they are in good shape but the coloration and hardware just do not match each other or our concept.So what does a person do with two free desks that fit the dimensions needed but the appearance leaves something to be desired? You crack out the paint, a trip to the hardware store for new handles, and some plexiglass.

Now they look like this. (click for a larger version of the image)We’ll cut some plexiglass to fit on the top of each so the surface will be protected. Also, they can slide writing guides and other school related reminders between the plexiglass and the top of the desk.

How much did this cost? We already had the paint. The desks were free. The hardware was under $30. It sure beats all of the other work and cost. (Ignore the color of the wall and the flooring, It will change.) Morale of the story: When the gift horse comes calling, be flexible.

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