Well Done, Chris..

Before I say anything, I must admit to a few things.   The Chris I am referring to is Ashton Kutcher.  Ashton is technically his legal middle name and Christopher is his legal first name.   I really have not followed his career, movies, or much else.   I do know he has a lengthy resume of doing things on the big screen, small screen, and behind the screen.

He is also from Hollywood which is usually a very suspect source on hearing advice on life. 

All of those disclaimers said, I do know a few particular things.   In his 35 years of age, he has busted he butt to get to where he is at.   So for his work ethic, I commend him.   If you want to read his Wiki page, here it is but don’t put much faith in that source.

Is he a role model?  Perhaps when it comes to work ethic.  In the rest of his life?  He’s only 35, so we’ll see.

But his speech at the Teen’s Choice awards is what got my attention.

Hey, I may not have cable but I’ve got the Internet.

Look and listen for yourself.

In my opinion, good job Chris.   I’ll keep an eye out on where you go from there.

Thank you,


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