To Err On the Side of Caution

How do I start this paragraph and transition away from the last couple of topics? Here it goes. I was not one bit thrilled with the results of last week. That said, our household is preparing for leaner times and starting the ultra penny pinching process while outfitting our home in style. How so you may ask?

Over the next months, we will share with you the projects we have lined up to tackle to make this house our home. This post will not go into extensive detail but you’ll get the concepts.

For starters, you will get to see the finish to the start of this Home-Makeover Fireplace Edition. But we will leave no part of the former stuff unused as the step that has been removed will be used in another room. Two steps can make a nice bench with storage. :D

What do you do with a dirty 36 inch wide door? You clean it up and transform it into artwork at a fraction of the cost of a 36-inch by 80-inch painting. Then you hang the door on a hard to decorate wall to make the living room pop. Cost of this? Under $60 or so is the answer.

When a tree breaks a branch, do you throw it out? Nope, you put it in water to root it and get a free tree or two.

What happens when your little ones trash a tri-fold divider? You repaint it, put fabric in it and call it sound-absorbing artwork in five locations in the house.

Are people trying to get rid of their old waterbeds? Slice the mattress open, load it up with grass and leaves and make compost over winter. Take the wood and make shelving out of it. What is the cost? A few bucks at best.

Need to kill some of that noise your kids are making and decorate bare walls? Stretch out some fabric over frames and watch the noise level drop as the walls look good.

Want to grow lilies, tulips, and other plants the rabbits and deer love to eat? Plant them in a terrace where they will never get at them.

Need to get rid of some ugly sand and road base from your driveway, suppress costs of installing a driveway, and fill a really large hole to save on loads of dirt? Help yourself and the contractor by doing all three at the same time and saving the contractor time.

So on top of transforming a blah, unfinished deck into something attractive, we’ll show you how to transform 23 solid core and hollow core doors into a work bench, a wall, shelving in two rooms, and finishing off the door needs of an entire basement as well as the listed artwork above. Total cost for all of them? You won’t believe it, but I strongly recommend looking out for deals wherever they may show up and get creative.

Your wallet may be happy as a result.

Live Well,


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