Public School Review

My eldest daughter finished her time in 6th grade public school a week ago.   She made the choice to experience it as she thought it would have been better than homeschooling.   Well, we are not the kind of parents who will order and tell their kids what to do.   That is just picking a fight.  Instead, we warned her and she chose to go.   So we held her to her choice and forced her to see it through to the end of the school year.   Now we can report her findings.

The summary version is she didn’t learn much as public school is so far behind what she was doing.   She was bored as the year was effectively wasted time.    But those are the consequences of making a choice.   The lesson is not forgotten as she is happily restarting homeschool as of the day after public school ended.

Let us cover the details.  

The language of science is math.   To properly understand Science, one must understand the math behind it.   In terms of mathematical knowledge needed, the Science being taught in 6th grade required trigonometry or 10th grade math.    But the math classes finished teaching 6th grade math which she learned at the start of 4th grade Saxon math books.  And the reading and spelling skills are what she did in second grade.      The Social Studies were of ancient civilizations which is better suited as an elective in high school years so one can have enough grasp of history to see how it factors in.

So it was 2nd grade reading, 4th grade math, 10th grade science , and high school level social studies at 6th grade.   Yah, like that is going to help kids learn.

What about the “social aspect”?   My daughter answered this one simply.

“What am I supposed to learn from a batch of loud and disrespectful students who ruin property that belongs to others and don’t do their work? I’ve had to help them spell words such as ‘silver’ and ‘innocent’ as they couldn’t figure out such simple words.”

Before anyone thinks we are going to blame the teachers, we will not be doing so.   Yes, you get the same variety of skill and quality in teachers as you do in any other profession.    But parents would be wrongly pointing the finger of blame at the teachers.   The teachers are required to teach the curriculum handed down to them from the Federal Department of Education and the State Department of Public Instruction and distributed to them by a Curriculum Director.    They have little control over the substance.   But what is the major flaw of the curriculum?

The curriculum has nothing to do with education.    It is all about teaching the values of secular humanism or the chosen religion of the majority of professors in college and politicians.    It forces one to abandon critical thinking skills in order to swallow the philosophy being pushed.   (I’ll explain more in a different post.)

What is needed in this day and age of globalized competitive commerce and the sciences?   You guessed it.   Critical thinking skills are the core skill needed in the business world today.   But it is what would destroy the prevailing philosophy of the elite.

So to maintain control and press on to an utopian vision of the nation, they are effectively leading the nation into suicidal ruin.

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