I’m Going To Win

As my husband and I were shopping in a furniture store, the sales rep made a comment or an observation.   In nearly all married couples, the husband was the one who focused on price tag, functionality, and the dimensions of the piece of furniture.  The wife focused on the aesthetics of the furniture and the house.  

We are no different from any other couple in that regard.   My husband largely doesn’t care what something looks like.   He cares about the function, size, and cost factors.   He is our walking calculator.  When it comes to the looks of something, it is my department in nearly most categories.   It does help that he knows me so well, he can pick out my taste in stuff quickly as we are on the same page.

There is one point of contention we have though in the basement.   I know I’m going to win 96% of the decisions on what a room looks like.   He’s married to me.    I’m a woman and we’ve got 3 daughters.   He’s outnumbered and concedes the point.   I’m partially kidding in this but he works on the phrase “Happy wife, happy life.”   He’s my best friend and partner in life.   He sees patterns quickly and aids the family in wise guidance even with a pair of bum wheels.  

My hubby is requesting one room for him to design and claim as his own though.   He wants somewhere to put his stuff so the entire house isn’t all “girly.”  I may have to concede the office space to him.  I get 96% of the house, he can have his spot of heaven for his Star Wars and Transformers stuff. 

As for other ways to incorporate his tastes into a special room for him, perhaps we can find DIY inspiration at my other favorite places such as Young House or Ana White.   Somehow I think those ladies aren’t into designing an office for 1980’s Transformer toys.


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