DIY Home Makeover – Ledge Edition

You may have noticed a slight pause in articles the past few days.   There is a very good reason for it and it will be disclosed fully in time.    If you think this is the start of a teaser, it is.    I’m not going to disclose the full answer until I’m ready.

Generally though, I can give you this.   In the home we purchased, the previous owner had one room in the basement completely dry walled.   However, he also dry walled the ceiling which normally wouldn’t have been a bad thing.   The only detail is a lot of plumbing was right above the permanent ceiling he put in.    This first picture shows how that has changed.    

However, that isn’t the main focus of this entry.   Look at the ledge in the back under the window.  It was built there but has three large bolts and nuts sticking up.   We had to figure out some manner to convert that space into something usable.   I was stumped.    Most DIY websites and magazines are for general concepts and aren’t specific to the problem a person may have on-hand.   My hubby figured it out after a bit.

The height to the window sill from the ledge removed the option of trimming the window like one normally would so the lower trim had to be factored in.    How did he do this?  

First, he nailed in 2×4 studs to lift the ledge up 2 inches.   The plan was to then put a 1×10 board on top of the studs.    However, the bolts still protruded up half an inch.   How do you cap them without ruining your ledge?    The answer was he took a drill and bored out a 5/8 inch partial hole in the underside of the ledge.   Flip it over and you have a cap.   

Here are the photos for how that worked.

Now you can compare and contrast the first photo with this finished photo of the ledge.

Did you actually think I was going to let you see the color scheme of the room yet?   You need to wait until we are finished first.   

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