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Wood ‘n Teeth

There is a myth often repeated, George Washington, the first President of the USA, had a set of dentures made out of wood.    It isn’t true as his dentures were made out of many materials including hippopotamus teeth.    With that tidbit of details, let me move on to the rest of this Did You Know post.

My hubby recently had a rather unpleasant dental experience.    He was eating something relatively soft when he heard a sound no one likes to hear from their mouth.  He heard a crack.   But studying his teeth in the mirror, he just could not find it at all.  So for a couple days, it went to the back of his mind until he drank something cold a couple days later.   If you have had some dental issues in the past, you know what happened.

The sharp pain just hit him really hard.   Normally, he can ignore just about anything pain related.   It didn’t happen this time.   Sleep was a thing of the past so a quick trip to the dentist was in order.   The assistant just could not find the problem.   [Read more]

Proof of God’s Existence – The Goldfish Questions

Of course, I can’t leave my readers hanging on a topic when there is more information to be disclosed.   So here is the rest if you run across someone who presses wanting “proof of God’s existence.”   I have to warn you though, you may need to reread this a few times and really think about it.   It may contain some deep thinking but it is really basic in nature.

What the person asking for proof is doing is trying to limit and define the God of the Bible to fit their view.    Whether or not a person believes in the Bible is irrelevant on this next point.   Trying to limit and define the God of the Bible to the viewpoint of the proof seeker is a demonstration of horrible logic, bad reading comprehension, and a poor understanding of physics.      [Read more]

How to Get a Start in the Mining Industry

Jobs in the mining industry are part of typical employment paradox. Without experience, it is near impossible to get a job, but without a job it is impossible to get experience. Although there is an industry shortage of skilled and experienced workers, entry level positions are highly competitive. If you want to get a start in the mining industry, here are a few essential guidelines to maximize your chances.

Tick All the Boxes

The easiest way to be rejected from any mining position is to fail to meet the mining industry’s basic must-haves. Although each company has its own criteria, four requirements are absolutely essential. First, a Heavy Rigid Vehicle License (HR), (along with a current driver’s license). This license will enable you to drive trucks and other pieces of essential construction equipment. Second, complete a safety workshop. Companies are not interested in employing anyone who looks like they’re about to fall down the mine shaft. A nationally recognized workshop, such as the MARCSTA safety induction workshop is recommended. Third, complete a Mine Worker’s Health Surveillance test. This is a hearing and lung function test that is compulsory for everybody in the mining industry. Fourth, a national police certificate. If you really want your employer to know you don’t have a criminal record, you can also obtain an Australian Federal Police National Police Check clearance before you send off your resume. [Read more]

The Rosetta Stone of Clothing

Living where I do in Wisconsin poses a slight challenge when shopping for clothing.    The normal clothing available usually doesn’t come close to fitting as it is too big for me.   If you listen to my husband, he’d say I have to shop in the girls department and skip the women’s department.   It isn’t completely true.   I just have to look carefully in the petite section.  [Read more]

The Study Says…Real Life Says…

Scientists spend a lot of time and money to try and solve an issue of interest to those who will fund them. The pretty much is what scientists do. Sometimes, the money and time is spent trying to find the answers to pestering questions that are often debated. [Read more]

Example of Overreaching

If you are a lady reading this entry, I challenge you to think back to your preteen and teenage years.  It doesn’t matter what country you are from or your culture.    What was your favorite boy band?   For me, it was Hanson.   I will not ask you to think of all of the now silly things you did out of your infatuation with your select boy band.    Since I’m not going to say what I did, you don’t need to either.    [Read more]

Cry Me A River

So what does the phrase “Cry Me a River” mean and why am I putting a topic on it?

The reason behind the topic is actually a very simple one.   All three of us were watching our Ice Age 2: The Meltdown DVD movie  to pass the time as we watched more snowfall.  I was enjoying the activities of my three favorite characters in the movie being Scrat, Crash & Eddie.  During a bit of the dialogue, either Crash or Eddie said “Cry me a river.”  Since that was the first time I noticed the phrase, I asked Goryo what it meant.

‘Cry me a river’ has two meanings.   [Read more]

Bathroom Weather Report

Just how cold is negative 24 degrees Fahrenheit?  If you are looking for a calculation into Celsius, the answer is -31.1 C.   But that really doesn’t help anyone who hasn’t actually felt it.

That was the outdoor temperature as of Monday of this week.   It was brutally cold by all standards.   If you went outside, breathing starts to hurt in a minute as your mucus lining in your nose starts to freeze.  The pain sets into any exposed flesh immediately as frostbite starts in 5-10 minutes.    But that isn’t all, we have to add in the wind.   [Read more]

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