One Would Think

There are many differences between life in the Philippines and the USA.   At the same time, there are many things that are identical in concepts.   In both countries, you are wise to question what you are being told from “official sources” as they may be flat out trying to manipulate you for their purposes or those who pay their bills.   What am I referring to?

I am referring to the media, news and entertainment, education, and the words coming out of politicians and many others must be challenged with basic logic and common sense.   However, there is an easy trap to fall into.   When you have a busy or difficult life, one has a tendency to only partially pay attention to topics.   This is known and used against you.

Let me give you a clear example.   In the USA from what you hear in the news, politicians speaking, lawsuits nation-wide, and some education circles, you would believe there is a very significant portion of the population that identifies as homosexual.   When my hubby asked me to guess, I didn’t think it through much and guessed at 50%.   My eldest daughter guessed at higher. [Read more]

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

No, this article has nothing to do with the English language this time.   However, it does deal with my speculating about how to rank three events playing out in real life.   I am having a difficult time trying to determine how to rank them.

One group is all of the current events going on involving the current administration in the USA.   Foreign policy decisions based on what seems like something you’d expect from someone high on drugs, scandals galore, and hoards of other things you can look up yourself and decide on. I’m undecided on what category they rank in.

Then there are the issues in my personal life with some certain individuals living on different continents. I am just stunned by the decision making involved.   One should never place their faith and all decision making into an unstable person.   It is never wise, but I shall not bore my readers with the details.   I’m certain we all have or know of someone in our lives who has a propensity of making really bad choices that hurt many around them. May we all stare in amazement as they make some pretty poor choices. It will be up to each of us to decide where those individuals rank in the categories in the title.

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Quality Matters

I am a woman, wife, and mother of three daughters. My husband is a man and a father of three daughters. He is duly outnumbered and knows it. Also, I am like many other women a fan of having a selection of shoes. My daughters are also a fan of having a selection of shoes in particular trying on many of mine.

My husband is very simple when it comes to shoes. There is one kind he wears that fits his needs and gets one pair each year to replace the only pair he wears for that year. [Read more]

Dear John

I write this letter to my dear friend John and his family.   The time our families enjoyed each other’s company has left a major impression on all of us and our children.   But careers and weather have taken you from Wisconsin to greener pastures near Dallas, Texas.

I fully appreciate the pictures you have sent me of all of the beautiful flowers and plants that have no chance of growing in Wisconsin.   You even get to have the mulberry trees or bushes to provide you with delicious fruit I can’t have here.   However, there exists a minor challenge.

You are new to that area and the way of life in your new home.   You also have a little one who will bring in some interesting things from the outdoors either on purpose or on the bottom of her shoes.   Over time, your carpets will get it like ours did here and will need attention.   [Read more]

Beware of the Statistical Claims

Okay, I must admit I didn’t do too badly in my Intro to Statistics course.   At the same time, I am glad that brain strain is over.   But the class did provide me with enough insight into the field of statistics to understand what people are saying and not saying.

Let me be specific as that last sentence was a bit vague.   This is an election year in the USA.   We are going to get bombarded with political ads making one claim after another.   Some will recite polling data while some others will show percentages or make a big deal out of some statistical data.

The polling information is not something I’m going to talk again about.   It is highly suspect and misleading most of the time.   I do not bother paying attention to it.

But what about all of those neat sounding statistical statements saying because of this something else happened and look at this chart?   [Read more]

Sand, Water, and Children

(click the image for a larger version)

As any parent knows, children keep you busy.   Since we are being honest, we can also admit toys serve as a source to draw their attention to an object to give you a little bit of breather time.   There are also the eye-hand coordination skills and different experiences as a positive, but just needing to watch the kids is easier on the tired body than being a human jungle gym. [Read more]

I’m Not the Only One

After a long break which will result in several posts, I’m finally back.   Part of my catching up with everything also includes catching up with my college classes I am taking in pursuit of my IT degree.   One class in particular has me nearly going insane.   But let me backtrack a bit.

In my first degree, I discovered something in college in the Philippines that I did not care for.   My pet peeve then was being forced to take unrelated general education classes at the expense of my time and money for no beneficial gain.   Many can identify with this.   You take the class, take notes, do the assignments, take the tests, and then promptly forget everything as it has nothing to do with why you are there.

In the field of IT, I found classes like Intro to Psychology to be utterly pointless.   Intro to Sociology has nothing to do with Networking Administration classes.   Feel free to insert the general education class of your choice that wasted your time.

But which one is driving me up a wall now?   [Read more]

Answer to a Grandma’s Problem

There comes a time in a child’s life when they can start to expand their options.  Specifically, my younger daughters are nearing the time of hanging out with their Grandma and Grandpa or Lola and Lolo on my hubby’s side.

However, my in-laws are limited on their child car safety seat options. Quite simply, they have a really nice, clean car, and one would be hard-pressed to find a spec of dirt in most of their car. Their cleanliness is to be commended, and my hubby and I wish we could be as clean. However, my trio are not the cleanest sort; they leave a trail and are required to clean up their messes. This made me wonder: Would my in-laws really want them to ride with them?

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