Reading Comprehension – The Unsung Skill Part 2

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 A few things we can glean from this.   We do not have enough information regarding the altercation to make any specific claims.   However, there are a few significant points.

Robert managed to go to the shelter with a woman, three children, and a dog.   Either they walked or drove a car.   If they drove, either he or the woman had ID available in the form of a Driver’s License (hopefully).     For whatever his reasons, Robert and / or the woman did not disclose his ID and made an issue of it. He could have calmly resolved it by asking why.   He could have easily left.   He chose not to. [Read more]

Reading Comprehension – The Unsung Skill Part 1

When I first started to prepare to get a job in the USA, my husband gave me the key to taking the reading comprehension tests one has to take to apply to some jobs.   The questions are not testing what you know, but what the entry says.   To succeed in reading comprehension, do not insert our knowledge or opinions into the article as it interferes with our ability to grasp the material being presented. Take it for what it says, understand the message, then form an opinion (if it is a news article) or just answer the question and move on.

It is really simple to do in practice.   But why are so many willing to demonstrate they are deficient in reading comprehension by posting comments on chat boards and Facebook pages?   Let me present to you a prime example of this.   [Read more]

The Ups and Downs of Fun Swing Set Review

About a year ago, we acquired a new playground set for our children called the Backyard Discovery Prescott Cedar Wooden Swing Set as produced by Backyard Adventures. We went for the one we felt best fit our wishes for our youngsters and the space limitations of our yard. There were plenty of options to choose from but if you’ve met my youngest, I didn’t want to give her too many parts to climb.

Let us start out with the packaging of the product. This is truly a two person package to move. Since it is a full playground set made mostly out of wood, it is heavy. Opening it up, they also packed it tightly to decrease movement of pieces during shipping. [Read more]

Being an ESL in a Higher Education Setting

As autumn is fully upon us, the outdoor work season has come to a close and time has come back to being a bit more plentiful once again.   It is good to be fully back. Back on to the topic at hand.

I have made it no secret that I am taking classes focusing on getting back into the IT Networking field where my strengths are.   But I must fully admit it has not been without many difficult hurdles that many who are ESL face here in the USA and likely elsewhere.   I can make that statement as I know of several other Filipinas and Filipinos who are going through a similar experience as I am. [Read more]

A Comprehensive Guide on Movavi Products

If you are looking for some reputable software developing company then Movavi should be your preferred choice. Movavi Company has been producing around twenty standalone software applications for both Mac and Windows users. Along with that, it produces separate multimedia suite through which multimedia tasks such as disc burning, video editing, video conversion, online sharing, screen capturing etc are performed.

Movavi has actually kept in mind all the different multimedia tasks like photo editing, video conversion, video editing etc and has produced extremely effective and competent applications. Movavi applications have user-friendly and intuitive interface for the convenience of the customers. [Read more]

One Would Think

There are many differences between life in the Philippines and the USA.   At the same time, there are many things that are identical in concepts.   In both countries, you are wise to question what you are being told from “official sources” as they may be flat out trying to manipulate you for their purposes or those who pay their bills.   What am I referring to?

I am referring to the media, news and entertainment, education, and the words coming out of politicians and many others must be challenged with basic logic and common sense.   However, there is an easy trap to fall into.   When you have a busy or difficult life, one has a tendency to only partially pay attention to topics.   This is known and used against you. [Read more]

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

No, this article has nothing to do with the English language this time.   However, it does deal with my speculating about how to rank three events playing out in real life.   I am having a difficult time trying to determine how to rank them.

One group is all of the current events going on involving the current administration in the USA.   Foreign policy decisions based on what seems like something you’d expect from someone high on drugs, scandals galore, and hoards of other things you can look up yourself and decide on. I’m undecided on what category they rank in.

Then there are the issues in my personal life with some certain individuals living on different continents. I am just stunned by the decision making involved.   One should never place their faith and all decision making into an unstable person.   It is never wise, but I shall not bore my readers with the details.   I’m certain we all have or know of someone in our lives who has a propensity of making really bad choices that hurt many around them. May we all stare in amazement as they make some pretty poor choices. It will be up to each of us to decide where those individuals rank in the categories in the title.

[Read more]

Quality Matters

I am a woman, wife, and mother of three daughters. My husband is a man and a father of three daughters. He is duly outnumbered and knows it. Also, I am like many other women a fan of having a selection of shoes. My daughters are also a fan of having a selection of shoes in particular trying on many of mine.

My husband is very simple when it comes to shoes. There is one kind he wears that fits his needs and gets one pair each year to replace the only pair he wears for that year. [Read more]

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