Answer to a Grandma’s Problem

There comes a time in a child’s life when they can start to expand their options.  Specifically, my younger daughters are nearing the time of hanging out with their Grandma and Grandpa or Lola and Lolo on my hubby’s side.

However, my in-laws are limited on their options because of child safety seat options in their car.   What do they currently have?   Quite simply, they have a really nice clean car.   The back seat contains nothing but the seats.   I think I would be hard pressed to find a speck of dirt in most of their car.

Their cleanliness is to be commended.   My hubby and I wish we could be as clean but my trio are not the cleanest sort.   They leave a trail and are required to clean it up.  So would my in-laws really want them to ride with them?   [Read more]

Why Americans Look for Asian Women

I will say up front that I truly wish this was an April fool’s joke but it isn’t.   Unfortunately, the ugly side of life does not take a day off.     The topic for this post is something many Fil-Am couples know about and that is what attracts them together.   But I will not be doing it in a standard way.

There exists a blog post that has gotten quite the attention because of the venom spewed at Asian women, our cultures, and much of what makes us who we are.   The author of “Asian Women Need to Stop Dating White Men” proclaims her work is satire or sarcasm.    However, any person who can think of the hate-filled junk written in that post really needs help.   She tries to proclaim it isn’t sarcasm and people are just misunderstanding what she writes.   I’m not buying it.  

A person has to be truly vain, petty, and a flat out racist in the truest sense of the word to think of that junk and write it down.   [Read more]

What You Need to Know Before You Check Gas Leaks at Home

Gas leaks can be dangerous. If you smell gas you need to act quickly.

Turn it Off

Turn off the gas supply at the cylinder and then call a plumber like Hall & Baum for urgent advice. Turn off all appliances in your home including electrical appliances and light switches. Switch off the power at the mains. Do not use your telephone as this could create a spark. Go outside and use your mobile phone to get help.

If you can you should turn the gas off at the meter. The meter will usually be located at the front or at the side of the house. It is a good idea to find out the location of the meter as a precautionary measure. [Read more]

Modern House Design Trends

As first homebuyers are making a comeback in the market, more and more Australians are breaking into the market by building that perfect home. The tricky part is choosing the right design for you and making sure it’s the right fit. Luckily there are a variety of options available, and this website details some of those many modern designs on offer. Staying on trend within the housing market not only means a high return on investment, but also ensures that the house will lend itself to modern design. Whether you’re after something low-key and investment orientated, a comfortable abode for you and your spouse to entertain friends, or a family orientated suburban oasis, there’s modern design trends that cater to all shapes and sizes.  [Read more]


Yes, one of the film we are looking forward to (my hubby is) is the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets and his vocabulary is quite limited.

So even though the Hulk is an example of the healthiest of body but not in mind, movies and anger do not fit in to my Tuesday theme of Health & Wealth. But this post does.

Why is that? One of the best ways of staying healthy is to get your proper exercise. For that reason, I will give you what IMaDD really stands for. That is Infections Music and Dance Day. That’s right, get up and dance those calories away!! Some of these dances will also make you quite limber too if you can do them. [Read more]

Home Décor

Every person or couple has their tastes when it comes to what they like in decorations in their place of residence.   So I am not about to say how it should or should not be done but allow me to post some suggestions.  

If you are the single guy like my hubby was, thumb tacks and posters in their plastic wrap with a cardboard backing work just fine.   If you imagine any typical bachelor place, none of the furniture matched and not much money went into furnishings.    Why?   He didn’t care about it and wanted to save money.   

It is possible to take those posters, show posters, or movie posters and make them a highlight of a room.   I know he used to work in a movie theater a while back so he definitely would want some of his special things put up in poster frames.   I know I can get some good ones from stores like    [Read more]

I’m Going To Win

As my husband and I were shopping in a furniture store, the sales rep made a comment or an observation.   In nearly all married couples, the husband was the one who focused on price tag, functionality, and the dimensions of the piece of furniture.  The wife focused on the aesthetics of the furniture and the house.  

We are no different from any other couple in that regard.   My husband largely doesn’t care what something looks like.   He cares about the function, size, and cost factors.   He is our walking calculator.  When it comes to the looks of something, it is my department in nearly most categories.   It does help that he knows me so well, he can pick out my taste in stuff quickly as we are on the same page. [Read more]

When He’s Feeling Better

Each of us with a significant other in our lives knows how they tick.   You know when they are feeling lousy, in pain, and when they are getting better.     For my hubby, you have to know what to look for or you’d think he’s just fine all of the time.

When he is in a lot of pain, he will wince from time to time.   Yes, you read that right.   He will only wince.   Sleep becomes troublesome and eventually he may wrap up with a blanket as opposed to the t-shirt and shorts he wears through winter.   For my hubby, another sign is he becomes quiet and isn’t quite the bugger he normally is. [Read more]

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